ZAR X Company

Listing requirements are standards that are established by stock exchanges such as ZAR X to control what may be issued on the exchange. Companies wishing to issue their stock on a given exchange must meet its listing requirements also referred to as continuing obligations and continue to do so for as long as they are on the exchange.

1. Complete & Submit New Listing Application Form


Send the completed application form to
Download schedule 3:Fees of the Listing Requirements Here

1 week
Notification via email

2. ZAR X Completeness Check and Initial Application Review

The ZAR X listings department undertakes a completeness check.

4-6 weeks
Notification via email

3. ZAR X Due Diligence Process

On completion of the completeness check the ZAR listings team performs a full due diligence.

2 weeks
Notification via email

4. Preparation Report for Listings Committee

On completion of the due diligence, the ZAR X listings team compiles a proposal for listings committee.

1 week
Notification via email

5. Application Considered by ZAR X Listings Committee

The ZAR listings committee meets on a weekly basis.

1 week
Notification via email

6. Communication of ZAR X Listings Committee Decision

The Acceptance letter is sent a week after Listings committee.

2-4 weeks
Notification via email

7. Onboarding Process Commences

Depending on technology interface required, financial & legal processes, a new Listing Onboarding takes between 16 and 20 weeks.


8. Process Complete.
Receive Confirmation from ZAR X