ZAR X Investor

The ZAR X trading platform allows users to trade by calling a broker, trade online or trade using your mobile phone. ZAR X trade is real time which means once you click the button the transaction is concluded as it runs on a pre-funded model.

The first step in trading on ZAR X is to decide which broker to use as your advisor. Trading on your own could be risky, but the platform is very intuitive which allows you easy access.

Zero safe custody fees afford people in the unbanked sector the opportunity to grow their investment base in a cost effective manner. You only pay fees when you actually transact. The thinking behind this pricing model is that there is only a cost in the event that an investor wishes to transact which would imply that some amount of effort was involved in concluding the transaction from a regulatory certainty point of view as well as settlement and clearing.

Our market is transparent for all stakeholders to have access to market information in a cost effective manner.

Simplicity is at the core of our product offering to both investors and issuers.

No high frequency trading, derivatives or short selling is allowed. ZAR X has deliberately structured its fees in such a manner to encourage investing rather than trading.

The settlement model that ZAR X has adopted is Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) which reduces settlement cost and risk as well as systemic risk.

First exchange in Africa on T+0 settlement cycle.