Notice Of Annual General Meeting 2019

Name of Issuer Senwes Limited
Country of Incorporation ZA
Registration Number 1997/005336/06
ISIN Number ZAEZ00000018
Share Code ZXSWS

Notice of publication of our integrated report, annual financial statements and notice of annual general meeting (“AGM”)

Notice is hereby given, that the 2019 Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Senwes Limited, to be held on Thursday ,22 August 2019 at 09:00 in The Barn, Senwes, 1 Charel de Klerk Street, Klerksdorp.

Important dates for shareholders of ordinary shares

Record Date to Receive Notice of AGM 25 July
Record date for attendence , participation and voting at the meeting 21 August
Record Date for Final Dividend 22 August before 08:00
Date of Annual General Meeting 22 August at 09:00

*A shareholder, who is unable to attend the meeting, may appoint a proxy to Represent him / her at the meeting and to vote and speak thereat on his/her behalf.-

  • The proxy form as contained herein must be used for this purpose and must be Handed in at the registered office of the company by means of mail, telefax or Electronic submission in accordance with the requirements contained in the notice here
  • To view the Full Notice of Senwes Annual general Meeting here
  • To view Senwes Integrated Financial Report here

By order of the Board of Directors.

Appointed Adviser: EM JOYNT (e-mail:
Notifications Officer: CLAUDI SMIT (

22 July 2019