ZXTIP - Results of the Private Placement


Name of Issuer Transformational Investment Portfolio One Limited
Country of Incorporation ZA
Registration Number 2017/458073/06
ISIN Number ZAEZ00000042
Share Code ZXTIP


  1. Introduction
  2. As disclosed in the prospectus dated 21 October 2019 (”Prospectus”) in respect of the listing of TIP One shares on ZAR X (”ZAR X”), approximately 5 000 000 shares in the Company have been offered through a private placement to private placees (”the Offer”).
  3. Close of the Offer
    1. Potential investors in TIP One are advised that the Offer is closed.
    2. TIP One wishes to announce that an amount of R2 000 000 was raised pursuant to the Offer.
    3. TIP One placed 2 000 000 of its shares under the Offer at an issue price of R1 per share.
    4. Of the total amount raised pursuant to the Offer, 79% is considered as capital from black economic empowerment investors.
    5. All applicants have been allocated the full number of TIP One shares for which they applied.
    6. Accordingly, a total of 2 000 000 Tip One shares will be listed on the ZAR X with effect from the commencement of trade on the ZAR X on Wednesday, 13 November 2019. TIP One shares will be listed on the Restricted Board as a Black Empowerment Investment Holding Company, under ZARX ordinary share code: “ZXTIP” and ISIN: ZAEZ00000042.

  4. Salient dates
  5. Investors are referred to the salient dates below in respect of the listing of TIP One shares on ZAR X:

Notification of allotments on or from Friday, 8 November
Segregated depository accounts updated and credited in respect of dematerialised shareholders Wednesday, 13 November
TIP One shares listed on ZAR X from commencement of trade (09:00)1 Wednesday, 13 November

1.CSDPs effect payment on a delivery-versus-payment basis.

Corporate Advisor and Appointed Advisor: Questco Proprietary Limited

Attorneys: Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Incorporated

Promotor: African Financial Group Proprietary Limited


5 Novemeber 2019