Directors Dealings

Name of Issuer TWK Investments Limited
Country of Incorporation ZA
Registration Number 1997/012251/06
ISIN Number ZAEZ00000034
Share Code ZXTWI

Dealings in securities by directors

In compliance with Rule 11.1 (b) of the ZAR X Listings Requirements, the following information, relating to dealings in securities is disclosed:

Full NameJakobus Eduard Wessels Fivaz
Designation at companyFinancial Director
Class of shares ORDINARY
Date on which the transaction was effected06-07-2020
Number of shares100 000
Price per share (R)R25.00
Total value of transaction (R)R2 500 000.00(excl. fees)
Options or any other similar right or obligation
  • option strike price,
  • strike dates; and
  • periods of exercise and/or vesting
Nature of the transaction (Buy/Sell)Sell
Nature and the extent of beneficial interest in the transactionDirect
Confirmation as to whether the trades were done on-market or off-marketOn-market
Confirmation that written approval / clearance has been granted by the Chairperson of the Board(yes / no)Yes

Date: 07-07-2020
Place: Piet Retief

Appointed Adviser:
MJ Potgieter (e-mail: